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ACE-SOT Curriculum

School of Tomorrow® has been a world-class trend-setter in Christian education for more than three decades. School of Tomorrow has offered professional expertise in curriculum, hardware, software, and in-service training for global Biblical educational reform.

The character-building effect of this extraordinary educational strategy, with its values-based, individualized, academic excellence, presents the answer to the global crisis in education. Utilizing this concept of individualized learning, students don’t just get by-they get ahead!

Leadership training for educators in the distinctive of the School of Tomorrow curriculum and program is provided. In addition, educators are updated annually through seminars and conventions. The training focuses on wisdom, the chief distinctive of the curriculum. A worldwide ministry representative team of professional educators currently services over 7,300 schools and thousands of home educators in 131 countries.

School of Tomorrow is a primary and secondary academic program that combines the traditional one-room school with completely individualized, diagnostically prescribed high tech learning. S.O.T. gives you the most advanced twenty-first century educational system available.

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