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Where is the school located?

  • Disciples for Christ Independent School is located at Purok 4 Barangay Lucnab Baguio City, Philippines. View the location on this page.   

What are the admission requirements?

  • Kindly check the admission requirements on this page.

What is SOT Curriculum?

  • School of Tomorrow® has been a world-class trend-setter in Christian education for more than three decades. School of Tomorrow has offered professional expertise in curriculum, hardware, software, and in-service training for global Biblical educational reform. Learn More

What is PACE?

  • Packet of Accelerated Christian Education (PACE®)  Accelerated Christian Education® has taken the conventional style textbook and divided it into bite-sized, achievable worktexts called PACEs. Each PACE is similar to a unit in a textbook. Each level consists of 12 PACEs in each subject. PACEs integrate Godly character-building lessons into the academic content, and self-instructional activities are carefully designed to develop thinking skills and create mastery learning. Learn More

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