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Junior Students Convention 2019

Junior Student Convention


1st Place Poetry Writing (English)

2nd Place Essay Writing (English)

3rd Place Short Story Writing (English)

5th Place Chess

6th Place PACE Bowl

- ARTS -

4th Place Sketching


1st Place Badminton (Male)

1st Place Table Tennis (Male)

3rd Place 100-Meter Dash (Female)

4th Place 4x100 Meter Relay (Female)

4th Place Badminton (Female)

5th Place 100-Meter Dash (Male)

6th Place 200-Meter Dash (Male)


1st Place Vocal Solo (Male)

2nd Place Vocal Duet (Female)

3rd Place Vocal Trio (Female)


4th Place Illustrative Storytelling (Female)

5th Place Bible Story Telling (Female)

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